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If only 1 day of time, recommend to go to xiamen university area and huandao road ~

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Xiamen University
In the afternoon, you can take some beautiful photos with campus atmosphere in Xiamen University, which enjoys the reputation of "the most beautiful university in China".
In the morning, visit Kulangsu, where there are unique overseas Chinese customs and delicious Minnan specialties. The various exotic buildings make Gulangyu unique. It is suitable for walking, daze, and enjoying life quietly.
Baicheng Beach
Go through the graffiti wall of hibiscus tunnel, play in baicheng beach and sea water.Here is a beautiful beach between yanwu bridge and hulishan fort, combining beautiful scenery with profound cultural and historical deposits.
In the evening, you can go to Tsan-tshù-uann, where modern and quaint neighborhoods are merged. There are many unique shops on the street. You can eat while eating and buying. Gastronomy is another label besides literature and art. In the five streets and eighteen lanes of Zengyi, there are all kinds of snacks and fruitful fruits that make people drink.
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August 25, 2020

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December 21, 2020

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December 28-29, 2020


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